Ask a Technician: Do I Need to Replace My Entire Windshield If It Gets Cracked?

Q. A rock hit my windshield and made a mark but not a full-blown crack.  Can I really just do that crack repair treatment instead of replacing the whole windshield?

A. The Stevinson basic rule of thumb is that if the chip is smaller than the size of a quarter you can go with a repair job. But if it’s any bigger, a replacement might be necessary.

Windshield repair is actually pretty amazing and when done properly, you can barely notice it. Windshield glass isn’t your run-of-the-mill glass. It’s not like the glass in your windows at home; it’s laminated safety glass. 

Laminated glass is really just what it sounds like - two pieces of glass laminated together with a piece of plastic between them. That inner layer is what keeps the glass in one piece when it breaks. Instead of shattering into tiny, deadly shards, the plastic layer holds the broken pieces together, resulting in that spiderweb look.
Repairing a ding or crack is done by injecting a clear resin into the damaged area and then curing it, usually with Ultra-Violet light, then polishing it back to clarity. There are even over-the-counter kits for the DIY enthusiast. But it’s best to have a professional do the work. If you’ve bought a new car, our service department will be able to do the job well. You can schedule an appointment or give them a call here!


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